A Console Simulation

A Console Simulation


Sound performance at Soundscapes: New Works by Karina Wisniewska, Karin Weber Gallery Hong Kong, HK Art Gallery Week 2015, performer [link]

With an instrument software system, sound is arranged to emulate the texture and colour on the canvas. The use of sound in conjunction with graphics has long been a popular combination in the field of media arts.

In this context,the piece further experiments with the possibility of creating music via the interaction with a visual medium. Beside exploring the possible forms of sound performance through a musical apparatus, an extended layer of parallel imagination is brought to the paintings, thereby creating a multiple dimension between the two ‘Soundscapes’.


On Optical synth instrument and its possibility

The performance tool was deeply influenced by the idea of optical synth pioneered in the late 60s by Finnish inventor Erkki Kurenniemi’s Dimi-H. In contemporary setup, the system I used relied on Ableton Live as a core of translating information and routing sound to the optical output. (noted for further edit)

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