Hello, I am Andio Lai Chung Man, based in Hong Kong.

Currently, I am a master student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, studying Fine Arts .

My artwork ranges from Sound to Media Arts. I regard toy,musical instrument,computer and electronics as the main medium in my art. Owing to my practice, I sketch heavily even for object-based work. 

Besides my own artwork,I have also worked and assisted on different media art projects.

My Practice

I am interested in building sound apparatus, experimenting sound art in terms of the technology and interaction.

The fundamental element of my work is rooted from the material, not the sound. Sound is not the only form in sound art, the form of my art is closer to the form of

sculpture or installation yet it raise question to the idea of instrument design history and the tradition of playing an instrument. The musical instrument and its related

technology is my medium and subject matters. During my degree study in SCM , I took courses that explore instrument interfacing,sound art and history of it. With heavy

readings on alternative method and technology in playing music, playing sound, I started using instruments, electronics, ready-made items and open-sourced platform as

my main medium, finding possibilities of combining them.

My process of building and developing work is often experimental, in which it required a lot of modification owing to the analog and digital nature of the medium. The end

work is usually a physical one. I often called them a sound apparatus. (Borrowing term from New Media Art and Cybernetics. The apparatus is a concealed system or

machine which require input from a user to create an outcome.) Each apparatus usually involves particular method to produce sound. They can be presented as installation

or a performance tool . As an installation, audience participation is a key element ,as the role between a player and viewer diminishes within the possible interactions. My

work can be understood as within a subject matter of the sound-making machine*.

*The subject matter of machines,system and apparatus had actually been an interest for artist for centuries. Leonardo Davinci’s draft on machinery design. Duchamp’s “Large Glass” a an imaginative machine.
The Futurist’s fascination with the industrial machinery advancement and the Surrealist admiration to Freud’s system on analyzing the subconsciousness of the human……to the contemporary art towards the system of the society and economy and even referring to the internet culture.
The subject is everywhere in Art.


*also a ‘floating’ artist of the Floating Projects Collective.




La Salle College, Hong Kong


Diploma in Commercial Comics Art, Open University of Hong Kong


Associate in Design (Visual Communication)
Hong Kong Community College, PolyU Hong Kong


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

2014 Exchange Semester,Audiovisual Media Culture, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi,Finland



Master of Arts in Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong