Minimalism under the Aesthetic of the New Media

Just some sudden thoughts on New Media arts through some discussion with teachers and classmates within this week. Not sure why, but I feel the option of being a minimalist in media art is limiting in someway. The culture of Hong Kong may even trap part of the artists into business-like mind set, be ambitious and get promoted…..limiting a possibility to think small or take things slowly.

I wonder if simplicity and minimalism something bad in media art? Or like the shift from classical painting to modern painting, is it possible for us to shift from ‘classical’ new media art to ‘modern’……?

Must we need complex system , programming and structure to qualify a media art work. Would they only be mere aesthetic rather than contextual aspect of a work. Maybe I appreciate the minimalist approach in conceptual art and design too much……just don’t think complexity is the only option for media arts. Like other arts, I believe the communication and dialogue between the creator, artwork and the audience is still the main focus. A bigger or complex work may not be an artwork when the technology and complexity of form overtake everything.

Given the opportunity, I would like to experiment the possibility of minimalism in the field of Media Arts. Also, rather than pushing ourself forward to the future, can we actually take a natural approach in art making? Taking things(and us) as they are.

Building of Dice – a physical sketch

I started this unit first on Friday. Started with a nano board, dice is based on the accelerometer. it is like a cube, a sound cube.

IMG_7908 IMG_7909 IMG_7910 IMG_7936 IMG_7937 IMG_7942

I picked the accelerometer named 7455, designed by Freescale as I had experienced in coding it in one of my previous project.

A startocaster

IMG_7902 IMG_7896

Got a very nice “strat” on Wed, for 380hkd, of coz, its not a Fender, just a stratocaster style. I hope I won’t break it accidentally during the builds. It plays quite well, and very light weight because it is some kind of “composite” wood, I believe.

Although I should focus on the other units first, but I feel like the guitar unit ┬áis always summoning me. I realized the Floyd Rose system can be easily hacked into my idea. I am going to make a mechanic device and mount it on the floyd rose bridge with the screw. It should be pretty secure. I am pretty excited about this strat unit… can’t really imagined how Leo Fender designed this instrument 60 years ago, its really amazing design.


ok, its time to get back to the other one.