Plan – January Week 1

This is the first post on the project plan.

Some questions in my mind after discussion in the advise session.

-whether the instrument is an individual on its own or can be performed as a band. A sync ability(?)

-each of them as a character, how to communicate the ease of playing

-A rigid design to withstand abuse, and interaction

-think a bit about the form, the design, aesthetic, focus on the nature of the instrument,

here is the possible direction for the 5 devices

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 9.10.34 pm










The goal is to finalise the design before Chinese New Year, so that I can move to the stage of testing and prototyping. There is also a need to order parts and materials for making the prototypes. Several parts such as the theremin is ready. I may draft on the form of it first. Besides, on the sequencer and hybrid device, programming prototype can be began as I had worked on similar sensors and code before. I am going to prepare them first as they are more about codes and programming. The use of Resberry Pi is a very rough idea since I am new to it, but it is possible to contain linux and arduino into one device with the hardware.