Not so new … anyway

Thoughts on art and the study of art after this project.

Basically, conclusion on the Found n Sound as a Graduation project after presentation and etc. My act of making instrument is on a practice-base, while some may demand a fine result in this search…for me, it can achieve nothing as an art.  Life is not about the goal or dream, destination whatever fixed. I realised the project is especially misunderstood and perceived by some friends or senior artists as something raw and unfinished. In fact, the traditional approach is something questionable. With the white cube culture, it may be to hard to pursue for involvement in creativity. Even for my study, I realised a heavy limitation in practice which become an obstacle. Though it was nice for me to receive balance training from mentor with/without limitation. For some of us, they may be limited without having a macro view in art practice. In a school focuses on creativity training, we need art practice that is lively, but not something mechanical, pretentious and repeating.

When we idolize art, we somehow created a distance and fear towards art. After reading quite a lot of writings, I started to treasure the importance of the artists in the 60s where they really opened up art with effort. The early 20th century has a very strong medium, painting. The domination of painting blocked a lot of possibility.   However, the frames are here again, categories,limitation and rules are very common now even in New Media Arts. Another thing is the visual bias in Art which take away a lot of possibility into the freedom of art making . A true art training may need to avoid that.

From here to ear by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

-an interesting work combing Electric Guitar and Birds , both form and sound. I like how it combine nature and electric guitar sound by making a space like that. It is fun that the bird is also interested to play the guitar with their legs and beaks. Maybe they are curious about the sound also?