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In collaboration with Caries Lam,Mandy Li,Mak Wing Chiu & Benz

Cross-Media Performance 2014

New Inspiration cross-media comics concert at Hong Kong Arts Center


A cross-media Comic Concert organized by the Hong Kong Arts Center. In this work, I was in charge in composing and designing a 4-panel musical comic experience. The purpose of the piece was to tell a short story through the visual language of comics with the help of music.The storytelling should give the audience a new experience towards comics art. For my piece, I invited comic artist and musician friends to perform. During the performance, I played the synthesizer, harmonica and guitar.

The story of Sparrow was designed to blend local Hong Kong elements such as buildings as to match the theme of Hong Kong comic. The story is about the character’s adventure from city to the countryside of Hong Kong. The music composition was an electronic tunes changing into acoustic music. The design of the performance focuses on how the mood can be balanced between the visual and audio elements.

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